E-commerce , retail, wholesale of Chinese musical instruments such as ErHu(Chinese fiddles, Chinese kokyu),Pipa(Biwa, pear-shaped lute).
Yubun Group


Yubunsha is a member of NPO(Nonprofit organization) Japan Erhu Promotion Association which supports the diffusion, development and exchange relevant to Chinese fiddles, erhus.
We are introducing excellent Chinese culture to Japan and excellent Japanese culture to China.
We import Chinese traditional musical instrument Erhu directly for over 15 years.
The fornt body of Erhu is covered with python skin which has been restricted under CITES(Washington Convention).
Therefore many other firms selling a lot of Erhu made with sheep skin or even artificial leather printed with snake skin design.
However all of the Erhus trading in our group are official licensed by Chinese government, which made with real python skins.
All of our Erhus are real high-quality products.
Yubun. Co. Ltd We import Erhus, Pipas, Volins, other musical instruments or products from China.
Supporting the construction of Chinese cultural activities, we have focused on promoting Chinese music in Japan.
We also have a wide range of partners planning, running musical events including both musical and filmic ones.
Yubun Chinese Musical Instruments Store We offer Erhus, Pipas, Yangqins, Guzhengs, Dizis and many other Chinese musical instruments.
ORENAR VIOLIN STUDIO Located in Taixing Jiangsu China, Orenar Violin Studio is volin manufactory in partnership with Japanese and Italians.
Shanghai Youming Toy Co.ltd The factory makes and sells plush soft toys in Shanghai.
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 Erhu, Chinese fiddle
 Seiko, Silent Erhu
 Pipa, Biwa
 Guzheng, Chinese zither
Hand Roll Piano
Erhu Seiko Pipa Yangqin&Guzheng Volin Speaker YAMANO
hand roll piano